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Do you like to win? Integrity Engines has NEVER lost a race due to engine failure!

Integrity Engines is our “other business” for those unaware. In addition to fixing street cars (the cars we drive around every day) we work on custom race engines. 

Integrity Engines next race will be October 6-8 at the NASA Western National Championships at Thunderhill Raceway.

In this video Chris talks about Integrity Race Engines latest project. This engine was originally a BMW S50B30 Eurospec engine. These engines were only built between 1992 and 1995. They were only meant for Europe, and only a very few were exported anywhere else. This BMW engine was known for its horsepower; it started at 280 HP from the factory!

With Integrity Race Engines improvements and redesign, the engine is now closing in on 500 HP!!!!

If you want to win your next race, give us a call before we are booked up for the year.

Get ready for that new performance with Integrity

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