2016 Coming To A Close


As the year is drawing to a close, we'd like to take this time to show our appreciation for a phenomenal race program we had the honor and privilege of being involved with. We'd like to thank Davidson Racing for the opportunity to take control of their engine program for the BMW powered Norma aka "The Dragon". After taking over, we produced 8 winning engine combinations, with no mechanical failures, that took home some serious wins and smashed a few track records in the process.

integrity engines race car

2014 25 Hours of Thunderhill (Overall Champion & ESR class Champion)
- Being the first prototype based car to win the overall.
- Setting the previous track record of 1:38.371 in the race. ( Ryno Racing took that this year with their 2 LMP3 cars with 1:36.544 in qualifying)
2014 NASA West Coast Super Unlimited Points Runner Up
2015 NASA East Coast Nationals Race Overall Champion
- Setting a track record of 1:47.454
2015 NASA West Coast Super Unlimited Points Champion
- Winning 9 out of 14 races attended

We learned a lot with them and so did those involved in the development of an S50B30 Euro Spec BMW inline-6. Factory rated at 282hp and 236ft/lb. We ended up with our final combination of 480hp and 354ft/lb naturally aspirated! This couldn't have come about without the expertise and insight from Eric Herbert at Herbert Performance Company. As well as the phenomenal head work from Danny at DB Cylinder Heads. What that man does is truly black magic.

We will still provide support for Team Davidson in the upcoming years as well as anyone else looking to develop a winning engine combination whether it be Super Unlimited or Spec Racing. Everything from engine building to dyno testing to track side support.

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